Angela Chappelle Brooks

Travel Advisor/Owner
Chappelle's Travel Engine, LLC

Y’all I love this 11-NIGHT itinerary! Istanbul, Santorini, and more...

-May 18 - 29, 2025, and PASSPORT REQUIRED

-Overnight in Istanbul

-Late stay in Kusadasi

-Pro Tip - leave space in your luggage because you can shop ‘til you drop at in Istanbul and Kusadadi

-Late stay in Mykonos

-Get some culture in Rhodes

-Late stay in Santorini

-Crete has absolutely everything

-And it starts and finishes in Athens!

LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! This itinerary is perfect 

If this itinerary isn’t on your radar, it should be 

… and you already know, it’s best to book far in advance.

And one more thing, NO kids!!